Cheney, Washington ~ Wandering the West Plains

July 2-6, 2020.                   

Welcome to the NWTR 2020 website!

We are excited to host the 2020 version of the NWTR with our routes heading southwest of Spokane into the West Plains, the Palouse and small community of Cheney, WA. Our hub will be located at Eastern Washington University (EWU), home of the famous “red turf” football field, and is approximately a 20 minute drive to downtown Spokane.

When riding in the West Plains and the Palouse, you will experience rolling hills, scenic byways and wheat fields that are picturesque and beautiful. We will take you through historic, small agricultural communities that date back more than a century. With oceans of green rolling hills and quilted farmlands, these hills have hosted the routes of Native Americans, pioneers and settlers of the west. This land has a rich history to share.

We will offer fully supported rides on Saturday and Sunday as well as a great selection of self-guided (optional) rides for Friday and Monday! These tandem-friendly routes are used extensively by Spokane cyclists of all abilities, whether for the scenic open roads, training rides, or racing. The West Plains is popular due to the excellent road surfaces, the endless supply of route options, and lack of vehicular traffic–the ultimate in tandem riding!

We are looking forward to showing you some great rides and sharing time with our fellow tandem cyclists.

Stay Tuned for More Information as It Becomes Available

We recommend using the available app as a guide during NWTR 2020.

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(will be available soon)